The Benefits of Microcurrent

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Microcurrent has a wide variety of uses including treating sports injuries, burns and wounds.  The microcurrent assists the body in healing 350% faster than if the injury were to be left alone. As early as the 1900’s doctors were utilizing microcurrent treatment on patients with Bells Palsy. This discovery led to the creation of a machine that could isolate a low level of current. This tiny micro burst of current is used to tone, lift and revitalize muscles.  Amongst other modalities, microcurrent is implemented in our Supreme Bliss facial which is the ultimate anti-aging facial.

Each of us has our own natural energy radiating from our body. Microcurrent means “mild electrical”, it uses low level electrical current to retrain and strengthen our facial muscles. The microcurrent treatment works in harmony with the body’s natural energy.  This treatment is ideal for every client but especially those with fine lines, wrinkles, or decreased elasticity. This facial muscle work out can restore the lost energy to the tissues, thus giving a more lifted look to restore that youthful “V” shape.  It will stimulate collagen and elastin to reveal glowing skin.  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we often refer to our microcurrent treatment as a non-surgical facelift.

The microcurrent is used in every Supreme Bliss facial or can be added on to any facial for $50.  The treatment stimulates over 32 muscles in the face. The process of the Supreme Bliss Facial is our most exhilarating and inclusive treatment. 

Total rejuvenation starts with a deep double cleanse and then a thorough skin analysis performed by one of our licensed and skillfully trained estheticians.  Up next, cream exfoliant is used and a diamond-tip microdermabrasion is performed to gently buff away the dull layer of dead skin cells and prepare the skin. This gentle exfoliation also improves the circulation in the skin.  From there if any extractions are needed they will be removed safely and painlessly.  Also, LED light therapy is used to tame any acne inflammation with the blue light or, to keep with the anti-aging process, red light is used for plumping and softening areas such as crow’s feet and smile lines.  Then a toner is selected for your skin type and applied prior to a masque of your choosing.  Client favorites masques are the Seaweed and Goji Berry masques. 

While masking the microcurrent is swept over the face with several passes to lift, smooth, tighten and tone the skin. This treatment is even effective around client’s delicate eye area to help soothe puffy or saggy under eye bags.  The microcurrent is re-training the muscles to hold energy in their new position.  The masque is then removed using a hot steam towel and the cold-hammer apparatus is used to further tighten skin.  Corrective serums, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen are massaged into the skin to top off your renewed skin.

To further solidify the importance of this treatment here are the facts.  There is a 500% increase in energy to cells in the muscles to increase tone.  As well as up to 60% increase in fibroblast cell activity, or what most people know as collagen production.  The microcurrent is non-invasive and works gently on improving acne scars, sun-damage, and dehydration while simultaneously stimulating the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.  Enjoy the benefits of softened appearance of fine lines and improved muscle tone in face and neck.  Any stubborn folds in the face due to lose of volume will be reversed with lifting of jowls, brows and cheek bones.

The more treatments you have the better your results.  A series of treatments is recommended for the maximum benefits, however immediate results are seen with the first treatment.  Typically clients will notice approximately a 5-7 year reduction in facial age.

One microcurrent treatment will deliver 2-3 days of lift, while a series of 10 to 12 treatments gives anywhere from 6 to 18 months of lift. Each treatment is cumulative and after each treatment, the new contour maintains its position longer.  The number of sessions depends entirely on your skin condition and lifestyle. Microcurrent is an ideal treatment for clients utilizing botox and  dermal fillers. The skin renewal delivered by the microcurent lifts, tightens, and promotes collage production which enhances the results delivered by Botox and Juvederm for anti-aging. We encourage clients to start this skin changing treatment at any age to promote and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

We recommended joining our membership program and enjoying the discount of 20% off all skin care services!  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we offer the Supreme Bliss Facial for $195!  This facial checks all the boxes and would be a perfect Mother’s Day Gift!