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Lets face it, there is no miracle to avoid the process of aging. However, there are numerous treatments to combat the skin’s aging process.

It is no secret that sun exposure, smoking, and bad health habits are the biggest culprits to expedite the aging process. Excessive sun-exposure damages skin leading to fine lines and wrinkles. As we grow older our collagen production decreases.

The best Ant-aging regimen include pharmaceutical grade sunscreen, retinols, and antioxidant serums:

Sunscreen protects the skin against UV rays.

Retinol boosts collagen production, treats hyper pigmentation, and promotes turnover of skin cells.

Antioxidant serums slow down skin aging and protect the skin from the sun and environmental exposures. Because the sun is a prime factor in skin aging, antioxidants can be considered the ultimate anti-aging product.

Why worry about anti-aging in your 20s and 30s….. Because “The best defense is a good defense”, the earlier you start to prevent the signs of aging the better results you’ll receive; as well as maintaining as much of your youthful glow as possible.

Yes…. aging is inevitable but there are plenty of things you can do to slow down the process. Using the right products regularly will ultimately leave you with smooth, healthy, plump, skin with an even complexion.

Not all products are created equal. Pharmaceutical grade products are produced in a manner to obtain the purest form of the nutrient and ensure maximum absorption. Pharmaceutical Grade products must exceed 99% purity (natural sources) and contain no binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances as over the counter products. Fewer than 3% of the products on the market are pharmaceutical grade so speak to you skin care provider to obtain the best quality products without the fillers found in store bought products

Take home Tips:

 Exfoliate- without exfoliation, dead skin sits on the surface and traps bacteria under the skin. Moreover, the dead skin does not allow product to penetrate to deeper tissue.

Use daily sunscreen and reapply during the day, use antioxidant serums during the day and optionally at night.

Use a retinol at night

Be patient when using products, they are not an overnight fix, be consistent.

Read ingredients and do your research

Avoid smoking and excessive sun exposure