Cavitation treatment; laser lipo and cavitation treatments

Laser Lipo and Cavitation

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Maintaining or reducing inches within the abdominal area has become very popular over the years in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas. Various procedures have been created to help achieve it. Many know liposuction and tummy tuck are popular procedures to help with this, but they are very invasive treatments and can cause post-opt issues and concerns. Less invasive …

Woman getting botox

Best Botox In Atlanta

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Asha Hill, NP, is an Allergan platinum injector of Botox in the Sandy Springs, Atlanta area and has been a driving force in the world of anti-aging and cosmetic enhancements for the past nine years. If you’re looking for “The Best Botox in Atlanta” then look no further than Pure Bliss Med Spa, Atlanta’s Premier Medical Spa. When it comes …

Woman with Lip Augmentation in Atlanta

Atlanta Lip Augmentation with Dermal Fillers 

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Lips are in! Lips are a very prominent facial feature and it’s no secret that lips can change the overall aesthetic of our face. Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. The perfect amount of plumpness can bring sensuality to the face.  While some people are born with beautiful full lips, other may have small lips, less definition, …

Woman with Dermal Fillers for Volume Repletion

Atlanta Dermal Fillers for Volume Repletion

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Whether its aging, genetics, or just changes to our natural aesthetics; dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments for replenishing volume loss to the face and body.  At Pure Bliss Med Spa, we offer premier dermal filler products, all FDA approved and all are known staples in the aesthetic industry. Ranging from Juvederm products such as Juvederm Ultra, …

Atlanta woman receives botox treatment

Atlanta Botox: What You Need To Know

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Botox Cosmetics has become one of the most common and sought after non-surgical treatments. Anti-wrinkle treatments commonly consist of using Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin. All of these products are FDA cleared, and have been proven to be effective. Botox has become increasing popular and typically the most common neuromodulator requested by clients.  All of these brands yield similar results. The …