DERMAPLANING to give you a smoother brighter complexion

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Dermaplaning is a technique that exfoliates dry, rough or textured skin as well as removing vellus hairs or peach fuzz. At Pure Bliss Med Spa our skilled licensed estheticians use a sterile scalpel glided gently along the skin’s surface. You receive immediate results and significant improvement in both skin tone and texture. With on the spot results and no down time this is the ultimate treatment for instant gratification with lasting results. Long term effects include lightened dark spots, diminished wrinkles, removal of fine facial hair, and an increase in cell turnover resulting in youthful glowing skin.

The science behind dermaplaning is quite simple. The shaving effect stimulates the process of cell regeneration which improves the overall appearance of the skin creating a blurred appearance of pores. Simply put, derma planing is scraping off the top layer of skin resulting in a painless removal of the equivalent of two weeks worth of dead skin cells. In fact hairless skin is the most clean and pure skin and we always want our faces to be smooth blank canvases. Make-up application of foundation will be effortless after this treatment. Products have the capability to penetrate the skin more effectively, thus creating a healthier look all around. When your vellus hairs are removed, the hairs that trap oil giving the skin a dull and uneven look, vanish to allow brilliant skin to shine through.

The myth that shaving peach fuzz will result in heavier, thicker, darker hair growth than before is false! This should not be a concern when considering dermaplaning. The hairs that our trained estheticians will be removing are superficial and only grow back the same as prior to treatment. Dermaplaning treatment is non-invasive and safe, it is recommended to be done every 3-4 weeks.

This anti-aging, exfoliating, smoothing treatment is the perfect addition to your skin care regiment. Dermaplaning will leave your skin brighter, smoother, and overall more youthful looking. For an added benefit to this already effective treatment, having a chemical peel performed directly after the procedure is an added perk. Ask about our selections of peels when scheduling your free consultation with Pure Bliss Med Spa in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, GA.