New Year, New You, New Skin!

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6 Skin Treatments to Gift to Yourself this New Year!

Happy New Year!  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we are proud to be going in to 2019 with all of our wonderful existing and new clients!  We hope you have resolutions to drink more water and come see us more regularly!  This month we are offering 20% off the most effective treatments to jumpstart 2019 with radiant skin!  There is no better time than now to commit to achieving your best skin ever!  If you don’t know where to begin this journey, Pure Bliss Med Spa is a perfect place to start.  Read further to learn in depth about 6 total skin rejuvenating treatments to take advantage of this new year!

  1. IPL Photo Facial means Intense Pulsed Light and is a treatment that is geared towards boosting collagen while diminishing appearance of spots, redness and broken capillaries.  It is most popular for its ability to address sun damage, dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.  Sometimes this service is simply referred to as a “photo facial” and can also be used to target redness found in the skin such as rosacea or capillaries.  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we use the top of line, Cutera XEO handheld device to deliver high energy light waves that are able to pinpoint high concentrations of melanin.  Melanin is then fragmented and absorbed by the body making the imperfection less visible.  A few key notes to take into account with this treatment is that there is no downtime and a series of treatments is sometimes recommended.  We encourage this treatment for our clients with active lifestyles who do not have the flexible “social down time”.  Sunscreen is a must, especially after an IPL procedure since skin may be rendered more sensitive to sun exposure.
  2. Laser Genesis is the ideal first step into non invasive skin care that has no down time!  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we think that every client can benefit from a series of 3 or more of these incredible treatments.  It is a skin rejuvenating, anti-aging, bacteria destroying ultimate trifecta treatment!  Booking your first appointment may be intimidating because you do not know what to expect.  So what does it do and how does it feel?  It is a gentle warming sensation that can be used to treat rosacea, acne, and scarring.  The warmth from the laser stimulates collagen production and helps to create supple youthful skin.  Along with all the other benefits it is simultaneously shrinking pores!  Yes, we have the cure to large pores!  Our friendly and trained estheticians will greet you and cleanse your face before beginning the process.  Both of you will be wearing eye goggles for safety and the treatment takes about 45 minutes.  
  3. Micro needling is a non-invasive treatment that promises younger looking skin. That’s enough for me to say yes!  To give a description of the procedure we use a device with a cluster of tiny needles to superficially pierce microscopic holes at rapid fire.  The penetration of skin acts as a catalyst for healing mode to initiate and boost collagen and elastin to resurface the skin.  However painful this may sound do not worry because our aesthetician will make the experience comfortable by applying a topical numbing cream.  Clients have even fallen asleep during this treatment and come out saying how “relaxing” it felt!  With these micro holes created, we increase absorption of active ingredients by greater than 90%.  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we use Pure Hyaluronic acid throughout the procedure to boost health of skin cells, smooth out fine lines, firm, plump and hydrate.  Clients leave a little flush looking and it is advisable to refrain from wearing makeup for as long as possible.  This procedure is one of the most powerful and effective ways to stop early signs of aging.
  4. Laser Needling is our aesthetician’s absolute favorite treatment because it combines the effects of Laser Genesis AND Micro-needling.  Double the treatment and you double the benefits while seeing results twice as fast.  Laser genesis is administered first and then the topical numbing cream is applied for the Micro Needling portion.  The after treatment effect is commonly described as feeling warm and tight.  First the laser is used to heat up the tissue and target redness and bacteria followed by micro needling which targets texture and pore size. The Cutera Laser Genesis uses heat and energy where micro needling triggers an inflammatory response from mechanically needling through the tissue.
  5. Plasma Facial is one of our most innovative treatments and is safe on all skin types! It’s effective for smoothing acne scars but not advisable for active acne clients.  Topical numbing is applied an hour before to make our clients as comfortable as possible. Blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge then spun twice to produce golden platelet rich plasma.  The plasma is then infused into the skin using microneedling. Micro needling is creating controlled wounds in the skin to stimulate new collagen and these channels allow topical serums and growth factors, like platelet rich plasma (PRP), to absorb more readily into the dermis, this accelerates healing and enhances skin radiance. Our Nurse Practitioner can also help fill hollows and folds by injecting this plasma for a subtle smoothing effect.  By stimulating your skin’s natural ability to heal itself, a PRP facial is an effective treatment for: skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, acne scarring, stretch marks, improvement in skin tone, and pore size reduction.  This service is 200$ off this month bringing the the total to 499$ which is an unbeatable price!
  6. Chemical Peels come in all shapes and sizes just like we do!  There is a perfect peel for everyone regardless of skin type or concern.  The main goal of a peel is chemical exfoliation.  For example our Glycolic Peel is for all skin types and targets fine lines, uneven skin tone, blemishes and refines pores.  While we do recommended all of our clients starting with a lighter peel and building up tolerance a consultation is always recommended.  Some of our advanced peels include modified Jessner Peels and blended TCA peels.  These peels are stronger and allow for deeper penetration while targeting dull skin, hyper pigmentation, break outs, and enlarged pores.

If any of these services have been something you have always wanted to do now is the time to do it.  This is the best time of the year to start!  Every treatment discussed is 20% off this month and the PRP Facial is 200$ off!  We are so excited to begin the year with you!  Take advantage of these savings today and call us to set up your complimentary consultation!  It is time to bring in the new year with new skin!  Pure Bliss Med Spa is located in Sandy Springs and we are one of Atlanta’s top rated medical spas!