Night Time Skin Regimen

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In tandem with the rest of the body, skin does the bulk of repair and regeneration during sleep. Pure Bliss Med Spa skin care specialist believe your nighttime routine should be about ensuring your skin is ready to begin the nightly healing process. This is why the bulk of your medical grade skin care products are applied during the night. Examples of these products would be retinol creams, exfoliating treatments, and anti-aging serums commonly infused with peptides and growth factors. Its important to be able to read your skin and tailor your night time treatment. Feeling dull? Exfoliate. Skin slightly irritated? Then hydrate and protect! It is advised to choose your evening treatment depending on your skin’s needs at that moment. Continue reading to learn a basic regiment that can be customized for your own needs:

STEP 1: Cleanse

Begin washing your face with a gentle cleanser or one with active enzymes, depending on your skin type and needs. Always take off your makeup before you go to sleep! Every hint of make up must come off. To take things a step further you can implement double cleansing, which does take a little extra time. This extra step can be done in the shower or at your sink. The second cleanse is to remove excess sebum, dirt, and makeup you loosened up on the first step. If you’re using a physical exfoliant, like a facial scrub, feel free to use it as your second cleanse. Exfoliation is recommended 1 to 3 times a week. Be sure to slowly build up frequency of use.

STEP 2: Tone

If you use a toner, apply it to a cotton ball or round. To get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, oil and makeup it is best to use a cotton round with a waffle design to get into all small crevices around the eye and by the nostrils. Think of the toner as deep cleaning your home, it is a step to clarify the skin even further while adding nutrients and restoring the natural ph balance of your skin. There are various toners designed to target different needs like shrink pores, reduce oil build up, hydrate and calm skin, exfoliate, or brighten skin. All toners serve one common purpose, to leave your skin perfectly prepped to absorb the remaining steps of your skin regimen.

STEP 3: Eye Cream

Aside from addressing crow’s feet and dark circles, eye creams can also serve to protect your delicate eye area from your other skin care products. Eye creams focus on nourishing and tightening skin while maintaining collagen and plumpness to reduce wrinkles and hollowness under the eyes.  You’ll want to apply your eye cream before your more potent treatments to protect your eye area against ingredients which may potentially cause irritation.

STEP 4: Serums

At night it is advised to layer various types of skin care boosters, which will be either emulsions or a hydrating, usually hyaluronic acid and peptide serum. These are infused with different active ingredients for the the purpose of hydrating and nourishing the skin.  These are lightweight and water-like formulas that should be applied directly to skin to penetrate as deep as possible.  If using multiple serums think thinnest to thickest.

STEP 5: Moisturizer

Many clients use the same moisturizer in the day and at night. However, night creams are generally thicker and heavier, and designed to be absorbed over the course of several hours.

Moisturizer creates a protective coating on the skin to prevent water evaporation, all while  delivering potent ingredients  and nourishing while you sleep. Maintaining a high water content in the skin is key for maintaining healthy skin. If you are using the right moisturizer, it should be your last step to seal in all other products.

Final Tips!  If you have multiple steps feel free to pause for a minute to allow each product time to react with the skin.  Try to make the most of your regiment and enjoy it!  A great habit I have started at night, after washing my face and applying my choice serum, I just hop into bed. I then keep my favorite night moisturizer on my bedside table and apply right before I fall asleep. This allows these specialty treatments a bit more time to penetrate the skin before I seal them in with my night cream!  Over doing your steps increase the risk of irritation.  By piling on heaps of unnecessary products you decrease the likelihood of retrieving your desired results. Some nights, it may be as simple as a wash with cleanser followed by a light moisturizer before bed. There is always tomorrow to give your skin more love!  Keep your routine simple! It is important to find what works for you.  Always remember that you are unique and that no one else has your exact skin.