Risk of sleeping in make-up and choosing the best cleansers!

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Those nights of falling asleep on the couch after a long workday and waking up with your makeup smeared across your face are prematurely aging you!  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we have tools to help you look forward to your night time cleansing regiment. Knowing these facts about thoroughly cleansing the skin will ensure you do not forget to remove every bit of glitz and glam at the end of the day. If you do not cleanse your face and neck nightly dirt and dead skin cells are not removed.  This mixture stays stagnant on your skin clogging pores and leading to chronic inflammation causing acne.

Everyone strives for radiant and glowing skin emitting youthfulness.  You will not achieve this by sleeping in your make up!  If you do not wash off the days environmental pollutants along with any pore-clogging make up, you are adding 5 days worth of biological age to your skin. Nit only are you adding years to your complexion but also causing collagen degradation.  Regular cleansing is integral to healthy new skin cells and the natural repair process of the skin. After establishing a good regimen, your skin will be glowing naturally and you won’t need to cake on the make up to brighten up!

One of the cleansers that fly off the shelf is Simply Clean, by SkinCeuticals.  This product has a cult-like following and we can barely keep it in stock at the price of 34$ for 6.8 fluid ounces.  This powerful makeup removing cleanser is formulated with sulfuric acid, which activates natural enzymes to help break the bonds that bind those stubborn dead skin cells to the surface for even exfoliation.  Another ingredient worth noting, is glycerin which possesses water binding properties that help deliver intense hydration.  The great thing about SkinCeuticals is that they only use vegetable-derived sources of glycerin in their formula never from animals.  Chamomile is also involved in this medley of ingredients adding its clinically proven anti-inflammatory properties to the mix, while also soothing and calming the skin.  Citric acid also plays a part in promoting cell turnover to exfoliate and smooth skin.  It is found naturally in citrus fruits and gives the product it’s iconic simply clean scent without being overwhelming.

The key to avoiding break outs is to cleanse!  Especially if you have temperamental or acne prone skin.  If you are currently experiencing irritation or inflammation, skipping your night time routine will only make it worse.  Here’s what the real kicker is, if you have any recently popped pimples open or skin abrasions, there could be risk of infection.  The skin is our first line of defense against infections and you want to make sure this barrier is strong and healthy.

A good solution for our acneic clients is Skinceuticals LHA cleanser and our Pure Bliss purifying cleanser. Both are amazing exfoliating gel cleansers to decongests pores, improve skin texture and irregularities and brighten skin. These cleanser are designed for ace prone and/or oily skin types. Both cleansers contain active ingredients of glycolic and salicylic acid to fight acne causing bacteria and gently exfoliate dead skin and clogged pores. LHA is an added ingredient found in the LHA gel cleanser which decreases sebum in the skin and renews epidermal cells and extracellular matrix.Products such as LHA, salicylic and glycolic have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticomedogenic properties, combating acne and is a key product to replenish skin after the effects of pore clogging makeup.

Another great option for deep cleaning the skin is Revision’s Papaya Enzyme Cleanser.  This product contains 6.7 fluid ounces and is sold for 39$ at our beauty oasis located in Sandy Springs.  The refreshing cleanser leaves skin smooth by lifting away impurities with salicylic acid.  The enzyme utilized in the formula is Papin, which is extracted from papaya fruits and works at dissolving and removing dead skin cells.  Added in for extra benefit, is bixa orellana seed extract which is high in antioxidants; ideal for anti-aging.

It is always imperative to manually exfoliate the skin with a cosmeceutical facial scrub. The Skinceuticals micro-exfoliating scrub cleanses with gentle microbeads to smooth and polish skin at the low price of 30$ for 5 fluid ounces. This scrub if great for purifying pores even further and promotes a healthy skin barrier after use of heavy full coverage makeup and foundation. Suitable for all skin types.

Developing the bad habit of not cleansing and especially when wearing makeup can inhibit your skin from aging gracefully.  While asleep, there is a boost in healing growth hormones, resulting in rapid rates of cellular regeneration. Sleeping with makeup hinders these processes in numerous ways as mentioned previously.  If the damage has already been done, we would encourage you to come see us for one of our signature skin resurfacing or anti-aging facials to help bring your complexion back to life.  Call us today to stock up on your favorite cleanser or book a consultation with one of our wonderful medical estheticians. We are located in the Atlanta, Sandy Springs area of Georgia.  We want to welcome you in to our beautiful spa and our team is waiting to cater to all your skin care needs!