Rejuvenate your skin with a chemical peel

Chemical Peels: The Solution for Amazing Skin

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Are you seeking a solution for discoloration, photo-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, or acne? Chemical peels are a very effective treatment to restore youthful skin and promote growth of new skin. At Pure Bliss Medical Spa, we are highly trained in chemical peels and offer a variety of options to target your skincare needs. We perform peels on all skin types …

Benefits of a facial

The Amazing Benefits of a Facial

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We all want to take care of our skin. Whether that means using DIY treatments or just a basic daily cleanse. While taking care of our skin at home and doing research on our skin type is important, nothing is better for our skin than getting regular facial treatments by a professional aesthetician. By getting a professional facial, you will …

The Clear Skin Diet: Healthy You, Healthy Skin

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Although establishing a good skincare routine is essential to combatting problematic skin, it is also important to understand how diet and nutrition play a role in promoting overall skin health.  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and the last organ to receive nutrients from the food we consume. Therefore, it should be no surprise that skin is …

The Best Morning Skin Care Routine

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The last thing on your mind when you wake up or lay down to sleep is a complex, fifteen step, double cleansing skin care routine.  At Pure Bliss Med Spa we wanted to provide an easy to follow step by step skin care routine to use as a foundation to your customized regiment.  Let’s start from the top with the …