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Which Skin Resurfacing Treatment is Best for You

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Let’s be honest, we all have our insecurities when it comes to our skin. Whether it is fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, or sun damage; skin imperfections can negatively affect the way we feel about our appearance. Fortunately, there are many different advanced skin care treatments which may be permanent solutions for some of these skin issues. Skin resurfacing treatments manually or chemically exfoliate outer layers of the skin, and stimulate reproduction of deeper layers. These treatments include chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, micro needling, IPL, and laser resurfacing with Laser Genesis.

Skin resurfacing is vital in our overall skincare regimen to reduce the effects of aging and unfavorable skin conditions.

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What is a skin resurfacing treatment?

Chemical peels are one of the most well-known skin resurfacing treatments. This treatment is commonly focused on the face can be used on most parts of the upper body such as the neck, back, and hands. Chemical peels range from light to advanced depending on the specific solution. The solution penetrates the skin and creates “a controlled injury” to stimulate the outermost layers to peel, revealing fresh, new skin. This procedure will improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin. Chemical peels have been proven to help with wrinkles/fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma and irregular skin texture.

Dermaplaning is a well-known skin resurfacing treatment that uses a small scalpel to exfoliate and gently scrape off dead skin cells and light peach fuzz from the outermost layer of your face. Dermaplaning helps your skin’s surface to look smoother, youthful, and also more radiant; giving you a gorgeous glow. This treatment can also help to diminish acne scars, dull skin, dry skin, sun damage, and reduce fine lines. This treatment is safe and delivers immediate results.

Microdermabrasion is another form of skin resurfacing treatment that is becoming very popular. Microdermabrasion uses a small vacuum like suction and a crystal/diamond tip to exfoliate and buff the surface of the skin. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your face with an improved texture. It’s best for clogged and enlarged pores, excessive oil, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

Microneedling is a more aggressive skin resurfacing treatment. The face is numbed with numbing cream prior to the procedure. Microneedling uses multiple tiny needles to penetrate the skin and create tiny microscopic pinpoint injuries to stimulate the skin to repair and regenerate new skin cells. This helps rejuvenate the skin by boosting the collagen production, by causing a safe and gentle injury to the skin it will promote skin turnover and new collagen. This in turn will plump the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines while also smoothing out the texture. Microneedling is also a great procedure to help with reducing scaring and hyperpigmentation. There is very minimal downtime with this procedure.

Laser skin rejuvenation uses the laser light beams to penetrate the outer layers as well as deeper layers of skin and stimulate the skin to regenerate. At Pure Bliss Med Spa, we use the Cutera Laser Genesis which is the safest laser for rejuvenating the skin. This procedure is non-invasive, with no down time, yet still effective. Laser Genesis is a multi-purpose treatment which works by gently heating up the skin. The laser beams will penetrate deep into the skin stimulating collagen and skin regeneration, all while protecting the epidermis of the skin. It is extremely effective in treating scars, redness, acne, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture.

Which skin resurfacing treatment is right for me?

There are many treatments out there to address your specific skin concerns. At Pure Bliss Med Spa we have skilled and expert practitioners trained on all devices and treatments. We offer free consultations to discuss what options are best for your skin. We choose the best treatment to be the most safe and effective for your skin color and skin type. Many of these treatments can also be combined for the most benefit to your skin.

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