A Good Skincare Consultation is a Game Changer!

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As life passes by you may start to notice your skin flushing more easily than it use to and that your skin just doesn’t bounce back the way it did in earlier years.  The last thing you want to deal with is changes in your skin that you have never had to address before.  It may be at this time you start to question the simplistic skin care regiment that had been working all these years.  Your tried and true products that you have relied on for so long just aren’t doing the job any longer.  But not to worry, our skin consultation is truly where it’s at!!

During a skincare consultation at Pure Bliss Med Spa we will be able to reveal the perfect treatments and skincare regimen to achieve a clear and radiant complexion.  Before you spend money on promises that can’t be kept, please stop in and have a thorough consultation with our skin care professionals. Not just a 5 minute consult, no, a full consultation that includes a skin analysis and diagnosis. This is where you will learn about your skin and the highest echelon of skin care for you and anything else that may be available to target your skin issues.

Prior to, or in conjunction with any skincare treatment, you will have a conversation with our medical aestheticians to discuss your skin concerns, current regimen, and lifestyle.  A skin examination will be performed as our aestheticians will look at your skin under a magnifying light assessing your complexion, skin type, pore size, skin turgor, elasticity, oil production, skin thickness and so much more. All while listening to you attentively with a passion to help you achieve your skin care goals. Once a concern is recognized the aesthetician will be able to uncover why your skin response the way it does.  We will welcome every question and eagerly educate our clients during this time!  All this chatting will help to give the full picture of what is happening beneath the surface so that we can create a highly active skin care regimen to give you results.

           At this visit  we will develop a skin care plan to start total skin rejuvenation. We will discuss different types of facials, laser, chemical peels, and all the modalities that will enhance your skin’s health and appearance. We will discuss treatments that target whatever your skin care needs are. Whether it’s targeting blemishes or pore size, lifting and tightening skin, hydrating and purifying your skin, we have a array of treatments that will renew your skin. Shop together after your treatment for personalized skin care products with Pure Bliss’s medical-grade skincare.  At each return visit we will review these products and discuss how you are feeling about your results.  However it takes more than just great skin care to achieve healthy and ageless skin.  We also focus on good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices that will enhance your skin’s condition.  The better condition your skin is prior to treatments, the better your results will be.  These days there are so many non-invasive treatments to offer such as  laser genesis, chemical peels, botox, injectables, and on it goes. These effective treatments are mind-blowing.  We will be able to recommend if you are a fitting candidate for these additional treatments during this time.

Bluntly, a start to finish regiment can be expensive. How can you reconcile the money you’ve just spent and your deep need to actively slow down the aging of your skin?  This is the power of a good skin consultation.  Nothing will resolve your fears more than talking to someone who know’s their facts! This is an area where it can be detrimental to your success if you skimp and go with cheaper products or brand.  This is truly an area where you get what you pay for. The feeling of inspired trust and confidence is extremely reassuring. At Pure Bliss Med Spa you have done more than just find effective skin treatments a great sequence of products, you’ve found an expert to guide you along the way. Never underestimate the importance of a good consult.  If you are in the Atlanta or Sandy Springs area call us today for a complimentary skin care consultation!