Acne Treatment Program

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Acne can be a very stressful condition to treat. Are you like many people who experience unwanted blemishes leaving scars and permanent marks on your beautiful skin. Acne can cause emotional distress and low self-esteem

Acne is classified as blemishes, whiteheads, pimples, and comedones. Commonly acne is caused by an overproduction of oil, bacteria, and clogged pores. Acne can be inflammatory or cystic, whichever type of acne you have there is help.

At Pure Bliss Med spa we encourage an aggressive 4-6 week treatment program to our Atlanta, GA and Sandy Springs clients, with visits every 2 weeks to target acne. Treatments will include purifying facials, extractions, mild salicylic/glycolic peels and/or laser skin treatments. Treatments are customized for each patient and may include one of the above treatments or a combination.

We use clarifying skin care products with a step-by-step approach to aid in clear skin. Your treatment will include a homecare regimen including a purifying facial wash, topical agent such as toners and moisturizers containing salicylic, glycolic and/or retinols.

Our laser acne treatments use broad band light to heat the dermis of the skin destroying bacteria that causes acne. Laser treatments shrink sebaceous glands which decreases oil production that cause clogged pores. Laser will also target the dark spots in skin and inflammatory redness to help decrease acne scars. The laser treatment will also stimulate collagen production and cell turnover allowing the skin to rejuvenate.

LED light therapy or photodynamic therapy is a powerful treatment using blue LED light wavelengths to kill acne-causing bacteria reducing skin breakouts. Blue LED lights destroy bacteria that cause inflammation during breakouts, it also reduces oil production, shrinks pore size and stimulates collagen, encouraging healthy cell growth.

Microneedling is an advanced technique using a device to create controlled injuries into the skin, penetrating the dermis to stimulate repair to the skin. Skin creates elastin and collagen and rebuilds old skin scarred by previous acne breakouts.

At Pure Bliss Med Spa we are skin care specialist dedicated to helping you achieve clear skin. We serve the Atlanta GA, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta and Roswell area. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve fantastic results. Call us at (678)515-3653 for a one on one consultation.