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Atlanta Lip Augmentation with Dermal Fillers 

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Lips are in! Lips are a very prominent facial feature and it’s no secret that lips can change the overall aesthetic of our face. Full lips are a sign of youth and beauty. The perfect amount of plumpness can bring sensuality to the face. 

While some people are born with beautiful full lips, other may have small lips, less definition, or unevenness. Dermal fillers are the perfect option for a non-permanent enhancement to your lips, addressing naturally thin lips, aging lips, shapeless or uneven lips. 

Keep in mind you can use very little and add additional volume over time to get the perfect shape and pop. Lip fillers can be performed in adult of all ages and sizes. Lips do not have to look overdone. The idea is for many people to notice your beautiful lips but never know you had anything done. 

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Lip Injection Options 

At Pure Bliss Med Spa all of our lip injections involve the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to plump the lips. We offer two brands of dermal filler to augment and enhance lip shapes. 


Juvéderm is a very popular brand of dermal fillers proven effective in the lips and FDA cleared for safe use. This product gives the perfect hydration and softness to the lips while still maintaining your natural shape. 


Restylane is another popular hyaluronic acid filler that gives the lips a soft natural feel while still giving great definition. The newest product out is Restylane Kysee which provides even more structure to lips while giving a natural feel mobility. 

Choosing the Right Dermal Filler 

Some fillers are more effective for certain shapes and skin textures. In choosing the right filler for your face and goals, trust your injectors recommendations to deliver the best results. By choosing a highly skilled injector with a keen eye to beauty you will avoid fillers that may overpower your face. 

How To Choose an Injector 

Choose an injector who takes the time to speak with you and answer all of your questions, as well as being conservative in their approach to your lip journey. We all want to avoid the dreadful “ducky lip or lipstick mustache”. This starts with vetting out the right location to obtain your services. 

The Lip Injection Process

Filler must be precisely placed in the right areas of the lips to maintain a natural shape. Even our patients who desire big bold voluminous lips will want to maintain a natural shape. 

The key method we use at Pure Bliss Med Spa to deliver our signature lip shape is focusing on definition and giving crisp, defined lip borders. Enhancing the cupid’s bow slightly to create a noticeable shape. 

Lip filler should always provide hydration and plumpness. The goal is pouty and plump but still natural. Lastly, we always want to give the lips a nice flip. This means giving vertical height to the lips instead of projection and lips that poke out. 

Some people like them big, bold, and juicy, so we focus on volume; others prefer a mini plump, which means we give a little definition to the borders and added hydration with very little change to the actual volume of the lips. 

As we age, lips can change. Just like other parts of our face, lips lose volume and collagen. They slowly become thinner, more wrinkled appearing, the corners turn downward, the borders of our lips become less apparent, and the cupids bow becomes less defined. We can even develop prominent vertical lines above the upper lip. 

Lip fillers are perfect for this type of client. Using a soft hyaluronic acid-based filler will restore the volume lost and enhance the shape. Lip augmentations can be as simple as restoring your younger appearing lips and not changing your natural features. 

At Pure Bliss Med Spa our aesthetic nurse practitioner has multiple certifications in lip augmentations and is trained using various products and various techniques to obtain the most beautiful and natural results. 

No pair of lips are the same and we take a specific customized approach to every lip filler client. Our signature technique involves definition to the lip borders and cupids bow, enhanced shape, vertical height to the top and bottom lip, and most importantly smooth, hydrated lip tissue. 

We take the time to do a thorough consultation before any procedure, where we listen to your goals and look at pictures to determine the desired volume. It is important candidates have realistic expectations and some patients lip goals will require more than one session. 

Are There Risks?

Lip augmentations are one of the most popular procedures offered at Pure Bliss Med Spa and surrounding area med spas. It’s growing popularity in the aesthetic field is because it is a minimally invasive procedure with little to no downtime, and less risky than surgery. 

Some risks involved in this procedure are swelling, temporary lumps or bruises, allergic reactions and vascular occlusions are all possible. Although extremely rare, these complications can happen, so choose an injector who knows how to handle complications quickly. 

How Long do the Results Last? 

Lip fillers can last up to 12 months, every individual is different and some may need touch ups as soon as 6-9 months to maintain the fullness of their lips. 

Choose Pure Bliss Med Spa for Lip Augmentation 

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