Buy Medical Grade Products from an authorized skin care professional!

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At Pure Bliss Med Spa each of our licensed aestheticians, nurse practitioners, and medical director are certified and trained to sell the medical grade skin care products that we carry. The best way to determine what skin care products are best for your skin is during a facial. After your skin is double cleansed with a medical-grade cleanser, chosen from the product lines we offer, our aesthetician begins a thorough skin analysis.  The skin analysis is done under a bright light and magnifying lens to reveal the secrets of your skin. It is our pleasure and protocol to provide you with a complimentary recommendation during and after your skin care treatment.  This means a customized skin care regiment will be designed for you from the elite products we carry.  We know it can be overwhelming to know what products and ingredients work harmoniously together to give you flawless skin.  This complimentary service takes out the guessing and uncertainty by allowing the professionals to put together a solid regiment.  Allow us to tailor a customized skin care plan with the best combination of products geared toward your specific skin goals.

In-office cosmetic treatments are becoming more popularized and less taboo. Clients are seeing desired changes with use of botox, juvederm, laser genesis, IPL, microneedling, facials, and chemical peels. As these treatments become more accepted in society it becomes more common to see people invest in good skin care to enhance the results of these procedures.  People want to protect their investments, for example, why spend money on IPL to clear irregular pigment problems and not invest in maintaining the results. Sadly there are unauthorized retailers taking advantage of this.  One can make exceptions in purchasing cheap clothing or furniture, but never take the cheap route with your skin.  Although it may seem tempting to purchase the recommended products for less online, you are rolling the dice with the overall wellness of your skin.  Saving a few dollars comes with the risk of purchasing potentially expired products or a complete fake, packaged to look like the real thing.

Diversion is an epidemic in the skin care industry in which products are sold in unauthorized places often with a counterfeit, diluted product that’s not authentic.  Keep in mind these medical and cosmeceutical grade lines are only sold exclusively through physicians or medically supervised spas.  Sites that sell these products online are in direct violation of the dealer’s policy.  Most people are unaware that it is actually illegal for medical grade skincare, such as SkinMedica and Revision, to be sold online or any website that is not managed by a medical practice. These distributers are not buying from the original company so you need to question where are they getting the product and is it a safe FDA regulated product. The answer will likely be NO.

Pure Bliss Med Spa is committed to remaining true to our skincare by providing the highest quality, professional-grade products to our customers.  We can ensure you always receive the highest quality of products as we are authorized retailers of medical grade skin care lines such as SkinMedica, Revision and the Pure Bliss line; as well as cosmeceutical grade lines such as Skinceuticals and PCA.  After an appointment clients almost always express the desire to  maintain their skin’s new and refreshed look.  You will not get these results using unauthorized retail products.  These medical grade skin care products cannot be found through individuals, street vendors, internet auctions, or unauthorized online retailers.  At Pure Bliss we cannot guarantee the authenticity, safety, quality, and efficacy of the product if purchased outside our spa doors.  This can lead to various skin problems and delay your results.  This also means that purchasing these products elsewhere can be a huge risk to your safety and health.

At Pure Bliss Med Spa, we want the best for you and your skin!  We strive to earn your trust and deliver you with the most effective products and services.  In addition to the most up to date education that can be found on our blog and social media. It is our passion to educate our clients on optimizing their skincare. Feel free to call or email us anytime with service inquires or further questions. Play it safe by coming to us to pick up your favorite medical grade products or ordering directly from the companies website.  Come see your favorite aestheticians and nurse practitioner at our premier Med Spa located in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta GA.