Consultations on Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Kybella!

Jun 19, 2018
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Consultations on Botox and Fillers! The estheticians and nurse practitioner at Pure Bliss Med Spa welcome everyone in to the aesthetics world and will help guide you down the path to total rejuvenation.

Consultations on Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Kybella!


Consultations on Botox and Fillers!

The estheticians and nurse practitioner at Pure Bliss Med Spa welcome everyone in to the aesthetics world and will help guide you down the path to total rejuvenation.  The perfect consultation starts with a phone call to schedule! 

Whether clients come to us for prevention of aging or for a developed, stubborn fold or crease we do our best to iron out the wrinkle. Our board certified Nurse Practitioner conducts every consultation to clients considering injectables or wanting to learn more about anti-aging. She has multiple certification’s in Botox, Kybella, and various dermal fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane. She is dedicated to delivering astounding results. Our Nurse practitioner’s injection techniques has helped hundreds of patients and it is no surprise that she comes highly recommended. 

When it comes to anti-aging, replacing lost volume in specific areas of the face will help to restore an overall more youthful appearance.  Younger faces tend to have what is known as a “triangle of youth” which refers to the widest area of face being the cheek bones, under eyes, and then to a point at the chin.  However, time wears on the face; along with gravity creating loss of tissue and bone in the mid face.  With a compromised support system, skin starts to sag and fold creating more of a trapezoid. These are key points covered in a consultation. Areas of discussion vary and may include a subject like volume loss in the cheeks and midface, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, under eyes, lips, temples, lines and wrinkles, sagging brows, jowls, chin fat etc; some have one concern or we may discuss a few.

Some clients come for beauty enhancements and do not fall into the category of anti aging, even in their 20s some genetically have hollow under eyes, small or uneven lips, an undefined chin, unpronounced cheekbones, chin fat, an oversized jaw or other structures of the face, sometimes a clients concern is simply asymmetry or prevention of lines and wrinkles. Consultation is key in this process.

What goes on in a consultation?  Beauty is subjective! The key is not to pick yourself apart, during your consultation we will remind you of this and start with your best features. The Nurse Practitioner will discuss realistic goals and construct a treatment plan while keeping result’s natural. Photographs will be taken prior to treatment to keep a record of progress.  These photos are solely for your record unless you state otherwise. This meeting is collaborative and not just the practitioner telling you what you need.  During the consult we are simply here to listen.  Listening is the majority of what happens in a consultation. Once we have a clear picture of your concerns we will give suggests of non-invasive treatments that will give optimal results.

At the conclusion of your consultation the Nurse Practitioner will suggest botox and or fillers or kybella if the client is a good candidate. She will go into the anatomy of the face, key features, normal variations of the face, and give a clear picture of the aging process. This helps clients understand how restoring volume and/or relaxing muscles can help reverse the signs of aging. Sometimes clients may have concerns that are not attributed to aging, we use fillers and botox to define areas of the face, slim specific structures, give volume in precise areas and overall enhance facial beauty. During your consultation we will hear your concerns and get a clear idea of your goals and then give options about various routes to reach your aesthetic destination.

At Pure Bliss Med Spa we have created a safe place and always want to do right by our clients.  People often comment about concerns of looking over done or “fake”. Not at Pure Bliss Med Spa. Please check our Instagram and Facebook page (@pureblissmedspa) to see our Nurse Practitioner’s wonderful natural and subtle results.  We service all clients in the Sandy Springs, Atlanta area. We want to give your look a refresher to help you feel confident in your skin while still maintaining your natural beauty. When you are ready to take action towards a certain feature you would like to tweak, we will be here to create the best and safest plan. We advise to use your intuition and gut to decide if we are the correct med spa for you!